Friday, September 5, 2014

Day 248 | Complete The Story

Prompt: Pick up a fictional book or open an eBook you have never read, open to page 5, write the first sentence of the 2nd paragraph down and now continue the story to fill the rest of your journal.

Stephanie | "Among other things, twice a day the poor child had to walk half a mile, carrying a heavy pitcher, to draw water from a spring in the woods." ...This walk each day was the most favorite part of the day for the girl. She was allowed to be whoever she wanted to be on the walk. She day dreamed and was transported to other places and experienced grand adventures. She made friends with the trees and picked wildflowers. Her walks allowed her to become a beautiful princess, a traveling circus performer, and even a ballerina, if only for a short while. These daily walks were the perfect escape from her dull life. She waited with great anticipation each day for the new adventure that was to come. 

Annetta | "The sudden hug loosened Kitty's hat, held insecurely by one pin, and in another instant the strong breeze would have carried it over into the river had not the girl in blue caught it as it swept past." She handed it back with a smile from Kitty. That was the moment when a friendship was formed that lasted them a lifetime, but lets continue at the beginning. "You dropped your hat." Kitty couldn't be happier to have gotten her favorite hat back and in her heart she knew she was going to meet a new friend.

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