Thursday, September 4, 2014

Day 247 | Explore And Learn

Prompt: What would you like to explore and learn more about?

Stephanie | I think I would want to explore and learn about my family tree. My father left when I was 2 and I have never had a real opportunity to know anything about that side of me. I don't think I want to meet or have a relationship with any of them, but I would like to know about that part of me. I also want to know more about my mothers side. Right now my papa is the "keeper" of family information. My family was once quite big big over the years some of the branches have been broken and my family had dwindled down to just a handful. Not knowing who I am or where I can from leaves me feeling very empty. I don't know how far into my family tree I will explore or what kind of secrets I will discover, but I its a start to feeling complete.

Annetta | I want to explore Europe and learn how to photograph it in a beautiful and unique way. I've gone to Europe a few times, but never to explore it as I spent most of my time with family which was amazing in its own way. I would love to take a month, my cameras, husband and a car to go to all the spots that have yet to be explored by photographers.

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