Sunday, March 16, 2014

Day 75 | Invisible

Prompt: What would you do if you were invisible for 24 hours?

Annetta | If you asked me when I was a kid what I would do if I was invisible for 24 hours I would give you some grey answers! Now all I can think about is how lonely the experience would be. I wouldn't be able to share this experience with those who matter the most to me. I'm a people person & spending 24 hours by myself where no one can see me does NOT sound appealing to me at all. It's amazing how things change when you grow up.

 Stephanie | I would pick a really fancy hotel, one I could never afford, and sneak in so I could actually get some good sleep.


  1. Oh girls I just love you posts and your art-journal pages. What would I do if I was invisible? Omg I have no idea.. like Annetta I could think a lot of things but when I was a child.. no I just don't know! But I have to admit that Stephanie has a great idea :D a hotel (with a jacuzzi!) would be nice <3

    1. After reading Stephanie's idea I thought she was onto something too! After that sleep and jacuzzi it would be great to go watch some movies! - Annetta


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