Monday, March 17, 2014

Day 76 | Don't Stop Writing

Prompt: Set a timer for 5 minutes, now for the full 5 minutes do not stop writing. Whatever thoughts cross your mind write them down, do not censor yourself or worry about spelling and punctuation. Just clear out all of the mental clutter out onto the page. After 5 minutes relax and reward yourself.

Annetta | I've been so overwhelmed with my physical health this past week & it seems to be drowning out all the beauty from my life. Another way you can say it is, I've been "letting" it drown me. On Wednesday I go in for a doctor's appt to have my thyroid and immune system checked & that day can't seem to come soon enough as it brings me closer to some answers. One of my symptoms is being tired, not sleepy, but need to lay down and just rest. With that comes a lack of inspiration. I don't' even want to create, but have been pushing myself to do so none-the-less. I've been memorizing Isaiah 58:11 and that has given me strength! I just want my battle with my health to be victorious. After having my son it's been a constant fight. Soon I will be healthy & whole even if it means me going through counseling to heal those deep scares. God is my healer!!

Stephanie | Today is St. Patrick's day. A day where the Irish can celebrate their culture. This is a great day for my hubby and my girls because they are Irish, this is their day. We always have corned beef and cabbage on this day, we wear our green and hubby enjoys a cold Guinness. They know their heritage, they know whats in their blood and where they come from. I don't know anything about my heritage, about who I am. I know I am a mix of many things, but still not really sure what. I don't have a part of me to celebrate, to be proud of, to say this is me. I have always felt a little lost, like I don't belong to anything, part of me is missing, empty. I wish I had something to celebrate about me, to feel connected to.    

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