Saturday, March 22, 2014

Day 80 | Appreciate

Prompt: What do you appreciate about your life right now?

Stephanie | Somethings I appreciate are my friends and family, access to coffee, flowers and plants in my home, vehicles that are paid off, a house to live in, my husbands steady job, my beautiful girls. I appreciate everything I have lived through to get me where I am now. My life and my reaction to different events could have taken me down a different path, I appreciate where I am and where I am going. Only good things in my future, I appreciate being at a place to recognize that. I appreciate those who support and encourage me. 

Annetta | One things that is true to my heart is appreciating my life right now. When loosing as much as I have, you really notice all there is to appreciate from the materialist to the spiritual. I was stuck in horrible traffic today that took me two hours to get home which usually it only take 30 minutes. I decided to appreciate that moment despite how exhausted I was left. I was thankful that my son and I could stop by for food because we were hungry, we had gas in the car without worrying about getting stuck and the list goes on. Life is too short to not really appreciate it.

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