Saturday, March 22, 2014

Day 81 | Draft Day

Goal: Since we have different workshops, travel plans, and other commitments throughout the year, we want to ensure that we are still able to post our journals on time. We gathered today to draft a few pages to have on reserve for those occasions.

Stephanie | Today was much needed. Not for working in the journal, but having fun girl time with a good friend who's into the same things I am. We sat in the coffee shop for 4 hours talking and crafting, eating and laughing. Laughing so hard we were in tears, I'm sure the other guests thought we were a bit crazy, which we are. We took up a whole corner of the place, right near a large window, and the world behind us just disappeared. I really loved our day together, I really love this project and my friend Annetta!

Annetta | I'm last (like always) writing my post and reading Stephanie's words blessed my heart utterly and completely! She is SUCH a gem of a friend! Today, with Stephanie, has been one of those day where it will always be written upon my heart. It's a blessing to have talented friends and even more a blessing when you can work together. I enjoyed such a great day full of food, laughter, good conversation and creating. It's amazing how true Stephanie's words are when she said that everyone else in the cafe just melted away. I encourage everyone who has a friend they can create with to do it!

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  1. Amazing day! I must try it one day. Sounds really amazing!


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