Monday, March 24, 2014

Day 82 | First Date

Prompt: Tell me about your first date. Where did you go, what were they like? Or tell me about how you want your first date to go.

Stephanie | Our first date included dinner and a movie. It was on a Monday night in October 2006. He was in Yakima WA on a training mission with the Army, I had just moved there a few months earlier. A friend of mine from work gave him my phone number. Not knowing anything about him, my mom made my younger brother chauffeur us around. There isn't much to do in Yakima, so dinner and a movie was our nights plan. Dinner was tasty but we were one of two couples in the restaurant and since he is not much of a talker, there were many silent moments. The movie was so long and boring, at least for me. It was a war movie which I am not into and have a hard time following, he loved it. The only cute moment of the whole evening was when were were waiting after the movie for my brother to arrive, I was freezing, so he wrapped me up inside his coat, holding on to me real tight. We drove him back up to the base, I tried to give a hug goodbye and he acted like he was just ready to leave. The whole night was so unbelievably awkward. When my brother asked how it all went, I told him I doubt I will ever hear from him again! We married the following April.

Annetta | My husband and I had out first date on Easter Sunday after church. I was nervous & when I got into his car to go to our date location he gave me a funny look and told me we were taking separate cars. He went around the corner and dropped me off at my car. That was embarrassing, but he still married me!

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