Sunday, March 30, 2014

Day 89 | Pick a Quote 5

Prompt:  Pick a quote you like and share it in an artistic way.  *Available as downloads*

Annetta | The artistic way I picked to share my quote was a little bit too ambitious for me today. I sometimes have this great vision for a post or a print, but then don't really realize the reality of how much work the idea really is until it's too late to back out. I hope to finished it tomorrow and add it here and under downloads. I guess its better to enter that cave then to let fear stop you! I entered into my cave even though it didn't fully walk through it.

Stephanie | This is a cave I found on a beach in California a few years ago. The whole area was somewhat magical in its desolate beauty. It was breathtaking, peaceful and mysterious. Most importantly, worth walking into and exploring. 

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