Thursday, March 20, 2014

Day 79 | Change About Yourself

Prompt: What would you change about yourself or your life if you could? Why?

Annetta | I would change the way I treat myself when it comes to my work. I would make myself value my work & not put it down. Something I am currently working hard on.

Stephanie | I would want to change most things about myself. There is not much I do like. I would first change all of my physical appearance. I would change my temper and how I react to things, I used to be much more patient than I am now. I would change how much I worry and stress. I would take away all of my physical pain. I would change my shyness and have an easier time talking with people. I would like to change my brain to be more positive and naturally happy, take my depression away.  


  1. Stephanie, I was very moved by your honest writing...I wanted to share a book that has been helping me a lot!! It's by Dr. Caroline Leaf and is called, "Switch On Your Brain". She was recently a guest speaker at my church and I was blown away by her research and knowledge. She has a lot of helpful resources online as well at


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