Sunday, March 9, 2014

Day 68 | 3 Wishes

Prompt: If you found a magic lamp what 3 wishes would you ask the Genie for? What would each mean to you? No wishing for extra wishes.

Stephanie | 1. Live a long life without any major medical/health issues for me and my family. 2. Have a real wedding/vow renewal ceremony on the beach with my girls as the flower girls and me in a gorgeous white dress and a wedding photographer. 3. To have really awesome artistic abilities

Annetta |
1. My husbands success at all that he does

  • It will give him the opportunity to run our business. Then he will be home with us & not have to go to a job.
2. Health for myself & family

  • Healthy is so essential & important. I do not take it lightly or for granted.
3. Unselfish wisdom

  • I want to be a wise mom, friend, wife & help others. 

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