Friday, February 28, 2014

Day 59 | Out The Window

Prompt: Look out the nearest window and write in vivid detail what you can see starting from left to right. Imagine you are telling someone who is not tall enough to look out the window, use as much detail as possible.

Stephanie | Out my window I dream to see, a beautiful garden green and full. Flowers blooming throughout, pops of color exploding all around. I dream to see waves crashing from the ocean, drops of salt water spraying into the air. Kites blowing in the wind. I dream to see, a momma deer and her babies hopping along, looking for apples. I dream to see my grand kids running to my door, arms open wide and huge smiles on their little faces.

Annetta | During the winter months there isn't much to look at out the window. I love to keep fresh flowers at my window sill. During the summer my view is of my garden & roses.

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