Thursday, February 6, 2014

Day 37 | Autobiography

Prompt: What would the name of your autobiography be and why? Title each chapter with a brief description.

Stephanie | Finne Stephanie (Finding Stephanie) 1. Life Unexpected: born and abandoned 2. Randy's Rampage: cause of divorce and abuse 3. New Beginnings: starting over after divorce 4. Replaced: mom's new lover and birth of favorite child 5. Kicked Out: the beginning of the end 6. Letting Go: living for myself

Annetta | To my surprise this was an easy entry for me as my titles for the autobiography and charters came to me without thought. The title of my book would be called : "Not All Things Are Lost" 1. Little Princess 2. Stolen Childhood 3. The Ugly Duckling 4. Covered By His Grace 5. The Best & Blessed Life

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