Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Day 50 | Ho'oponopono

Prompt: In your journal write a letter (you will never send) to someone you have unresolved issues with. Who are you upset with, feel anger towards, or to someone who has left you feeling 'off center' after something they have said or done.

You can even write the letter to yourself about regret you are holding onto.

Explain how you are feeling. Get it all out.

If you are ready, at the end of the letter I encourage you to try and write I forgive you, I'm sorry, thank you, I love you. It is not their benefit but for your own.

This is from the Hawaiian practice of forgiveness known as Ho'oponopono. Created to help release you from holding onto negative emotions about a situation. Therefor allowing you to move forward.

Annetta | I wrote a letter to a friend, which I will keep private for personal reasons. One thing my husband told me not to do when we first got married, is to put him on the spot. I am not a saint, but human and have put him on the spot. I've never known how that felt until someone did it to me and recently it made sense to me of why my husband was so sensitive regarding that. I'm sure we put people on the spot all the time, but we never know because it's to their sensitivity and not ours. I've chosen to learn from my friends and husband so that I can become a better person in the end.

Stephanie |  My letter is to someone I love very much. I am trying to explain myself and share why things are the way they are and possibly resolve some issues. I actually plan to send my letter to this person once I have it 'just right'


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  1. im really enjoying the posts - Ive started an inspiration journal this year too...


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