Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Day 36 | School Days

Prompt: Tell me about your earliest memories of school. Can you remember your teachers name and appearance? What were they like? What were your friend's names? What things were important to you then? What did you enjoy?

Stephanie |  Ms. Gavigan 1st Grade. I remember her to be a short older woman with short, curly white hair. She taught the class to knit and this was are activity to do when we had free time after finishing our assignments. I can remember climbing onto her desk that was positioned right in front of our classroom window and painting a small flower. Each student was able to paint a small picture on the window. At Christmas time, we made paper clog shoes and left them on our desk, we learned that in Holland they would find gifts stuffed in their shoes for the holiday. When we returned from winter break our paper shoes were filled with candy and stickers.

Annetta | School was never the awesome years of my life as I was the special ed kid, the one with almost no friends & no style. In the end it was never that bad, but that's not how it felt like when I was in the thick of it. I remember my senior year of high school, it was hard, but there was this one moment that stayed with me. I was walking down the hall & I remember telling myself to soak up this moment as life will never be as easy or as hard as it was in that moment & that's what I did. I walked slowly as I examined my surroundings, the memories that were made, what it felt like to walk down the hallway & the let it all sink in. I am thankful for that moment as it's a sweet one to look back on form time to time.


  1. I have been following your journey , I have not commented before but I have to say your photos are amazing and I enjoy looking at them. I would love to do the same but feel I don't have the time at the moment... So I will carry on enjoying yours if you don't mind, thank you so much for sharing...
    Amanda x

    1. Hello Amanda! We defiantly understand the "no time for it" part. We are so blessed that despite the time commitment you have you are enjoying our journey and thinking about your own. I hope that soon you will be able to spend some time with you and your beautiful journal on a glorious discovery.


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