Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Day 56 | Sense Of Hearing

Prompt: I am grateful for my sense of hearing because...

Stephanie | I am thankful for my sense of hearing because it allows me to listen to my girls interact with each other, sing their favorite songs, mispronounce big words (which become the new way our family says such words), their giggles when they tell their version of a knock-knock joke, their squeals of excitement when we chase them around the house, their soft I love you's they share with each other. I am thankful to hear my 2 year old snore as she is in a good sleep after a long day of not feeling well, and hearing her also speak a new word almost everyday when we thought she would have a speech problem. Hearing my 5 year old say "its so beautiful mom" "you did a great job" and give such positive encouragements to everyone. Such simple little sounds make such a huge impact on my heart.  

Annetta | I am thankful for my hearing because it brings words to the moments we share. God spoke & the earth was formed, He was heard. We get to hear the important & shared moments of the people we care for in our lives. The sounds of joy, the sounds of tears, the sounds of birds are all the added beauty given to us. I am thankful to hear my sons stories, to listen to my husband and friends. I am happy I can stop & just listen!

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  1. Thank you for this post. I just returned home from visiting my 3yo and 2yo grandchildren. What a delight to hear them speak and sing and laugh. So sweet. Love this place to land on the web. Glad you are doing this. Always something to consider.


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