Monday, February 10, 2014

Day 41 | Bucket List

Prompt: Create a list of experiences you want to have enjoyed in your life. Such as climbed a mountain, attended a party on a yacht, stayed in a 5 star hotel, been an extra in a movie, met your idol, volunteered at a wildlife sanctuary, etc. Ignore any money or logistic limitations; just write down your dream list in no particular order.

Stephanie |  A few things I have on my bucket list include: own a typewriter, kiss under the mistletoe, go for a run in central park, explore the grand canyon, go on a camping trip with all my friends, celebrate my 100th birthday, drink from a coconut, create a secret family recipe, see the statue of liberty, ride a double decker bus, own a piano and learn to play, own a polaroid camera, write a book, kiss on top of a ferris wheel, meet my grandchildren, go on a cruise, model in a pinup photoshoot, have a romantic night picnic, go to a hawaiian luau, have a 50th wedding anniversary, go parasailing, receive a letter each day for 1 year, slow dance in the rain, COMPLETED: ride a horse on the beach (2000), white water rafting (2001), attend a movie premiere (October 2012-Matt's Chance), whale watching (October 5th 2013-Anecortes Wa)

Annetta | Explore Italy for a whole year, have a girl of my own or two, travel America in an Airstream, have a book published,  have m husband speak on the diamond stage, have an orphanage in Russia, attend my oldest and youngest brothers wedding & then become an auntie again, live in Slovakia for a few years, go on a kayaking weekend trip with my husband, give birth naturally, become successful in my career, help change & inspire the lives of women, give my mother-in-law her dream garden including many expensive rose bushes & enjoy my family grow & be with them. These are a few things on my bucket list. My list is long, but these are dearest to my heart.


  1. Hi girls! Looove your blog, thank you so much for your pictures and journal but I have to tell you my favorite pictures are decoration ones, some days ago you published a workspace picture which I love and today you publish like the other wall of that workspace with that blue chair ... oh my .... just lovely! Please share more of these :) So again congratulations, you are doing it great!

    Hugs from Madrid (Spain)

  2. I am so happy to have come across this lovely blog. The images of your journals are quite beautiful, and they are great inspiration for my own journaling. I can't wait to see more!


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