Thursday, February 20, 2014

Day 51 | Achievements

Prompt: Create a list of all the achievements you want to have accomplished in your life. Such as the ability to speak another language, wrote a book, mastered a martial art, started your own business, raised a happy family, be a talented cupcake baker, earned a degree etc.

Ignore any money or logistic limitations; just write down your dream list in no particular order.

Stephanie |  write a book, become really good at watercolor painting, sell one of my photographs, have my photos published in magazines, raise happy children, have a gallery displaying my work, have a beautifully decorated home, see my kids get married, meet my grandchildren, create my dream studio space. *more to be added as I think of them*

Annetta | I have many things I'd love to accomplish, here are that I've come up with thus far:
be a speaker, write a book or five, work with some of my favorite creatives, work for magazines, adopt a few kids, become an expert, travel, carry three of my own kids, create something new & have my own style, get a degree in photography, art, design & writing, teach workshops, eat paleo, homeschool my kids, raise my kids to know & love God, go on many gateways with my husband, have an influence & share God's light/love, have a mini farm & a rose farm, have my own studio & thriving business.

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