Saturday, October 25, 2014

Day 298 | Declutter

Action: De-clutter a space in your home. Put on some music, prepare some snacks and remember to do it gradually in sections. Take before and after photos. Report back to the journal.



Annetta | I chose to declutter the main part of my house, my tea cup collection. Often time it accumulates so many little things. Since it's a focal point in my home many of the stuff that has no home ends up on the counter top. I personally love this space free and clear.

Stephanie | I needed to clean up my desk space. This is not my ideal working space, but we currently have another family living with is, so my "office" has been moved to the middle of our living space. This is where all my work and home-school happens, so it can get messy fast. I was in a hurry to put together this workspace, so I didn't put any though into making it pretty, it just had to function, I needed certain items in one place, but it was rather uninspiring. So during my de-clutter session I added some pretty pictures to help add color and inspiration to my work area. Now if only I had some sun shinning through instead of nasty rain clouds....

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