Friday, October 10, 2014

Day 283 | Self Confidence

Prompt: We all know that self confidence only grows when we expand our comfort zones, so tell me about a time when you pushed your boundaries and felt rewarded with a boost of self confidence afterward. Now write down at least 5 things you could do to earn more confidence.

Stephanie | Doing this A Year To Inspire project has helped boost my self confidence. I am so critical of myself and my work that I don't find anything I do to be great. Working on this project, sharing my art and myself with the world has been rewarding for me because so many people have been loving what I share. I have become a source of inspiration for others, that is such an amazing compliment. This project has certainty pushed me beyond my comfort zone in many ways, my art, sharing my stories, talking with and submitting articles are magazines, I just love the confidence I have gained through this journey and the lives I have touched in the process.   

Annetta | As some have come to find, I'm not much of a writer. Not only do I have spelling issues, grammatical errors, but I at time don't make sense! When I write an article for a magazine and later get an email from someone who had read it and I was able to put into words what they couldn't I defiantly felt rewarded with a boost of self confidence afterward. There is nothing more rewarding in my career then stepping into something that I'm not confident in, but when I do it speaks into others lives in a beautiful way. 

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