Thursday, October 9, 2014

Day 282 | Exceeds Expectations

Prompt: Tell me about an occasion/event/moment that exceeded your expectations.

Annetta | My anniversary trips always exceeds my expectations. Last year my husband surprised me with a trip to Santa Barbara for our anniversary getaway. It was a warm place, which I loved! The bed & breakfast we stayed at was perfect. We stayed in a room that was white and rose themed. There were so many yummy restaurants around. Its time for another anniversary getaway in a few weeks for us, we'll be celebrating 6 years and I'm so excited to see what he surprises me with this time.

Stephanie | For my birthday last year my friend took me on a whale watching trip, It was the most amazing day. On top of being able to see beautiful orca whales jump out of the water, a pod of dalls porpoises jumped the bow of the boat, it was so incredible.

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