Monday, December 30, 2019

Week 52 | Filled In Granny Square + 3 Finished Squares

Week 52 | Filled In Granny Square + 3 Finished Squares

Annetta | This right here is our LAST post for 2019!! We are dancing here people! These year-long projects are so good, but oh so hard to actually follow through on and complete! I have finished one big crochet blanket that I gifted to my sweet momma whose made me so many things. On December 31st we will do a recap post of our finished project and end of the year thoughts. On January 1st we have something NEW coming!

Now for my LAST square for a very very long time because I am going to give all the squares a nice long break.

I had a different square in mind that I wanted to do, but when I went searching for the pattern I couldn't find it. I settled on a square I actually haven't done before as my last square. The pattern I chose is a simple filled in granny square. There was nothing special or complicating about the pattern. I love how the center is a circle and then goes into a square.

Favorite moment of the week: This week was Christmas week so that means that my favorite moment was the WHOLE week! I love every day this week and every day has been special with its own memories.

Stephanie | I've been up since 6:30 this morning, working getting my remaining blocks - Sunburst, Octagon, and the Autograph finished. The Autograph block is only half complete as I need to go back and add in my embroidering. I will probably stitch it the same as the other one. In the end it looked really nice in the center of the other quilt. I like the color choice for the Octagon, the pink and red combo. I had solids for both red and pink, plus the same floral print in red and pink. I think its pretty all done up. I think that would be fun to do in a rainbow quilt where each Octagon block is in a different color combo. Finally the Sunburst also in a pink and red combo. I think this was in blues last time. Overall it looks good. I still have to go back and complete The Yankee Puzzle from a few weeks back. I assembled part of it wrong, and I have yet to rip the seams and redo it. Still left for this quilt is to assemble all the blocks together, add the sashing around the edge, add batting/backing, and finish with binding. Now that the year is ending....I am hoping to have enough motivation to finish it up.

Favorite moment of the week: Getting out of the house and finding a new park to explore. I was in a real bad mood and issues had been festering for a while and finally came boiling up. In a crazy turn, we ended up leaving the house as a family and enjoyed the warm sun and a new park together.

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