Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Week 50 | Fanny Square + Completed Quilt

Week 50 |  Fanny Square + Completed Quilt

Annetta | I hate this square. I think I messed up the pattern somewhere, but I'm not sure where. I couldn't find the original pattern and needed to go off of what I already made the previous weeks. It's a bit wonky. I hope that when I join it all together it will straighten out. One thing that I love about this one are the colors. I did a good job selecting the right colors. I had no time this week to make more so I just made one because that is better than none.

Favorite moment of the week: Celebrating my husbands birthday with ice skating in Vienna was a pretty awesome part of my week. We did argue about how he likes to celebrate his birthday different then I and I thought what he was saying wasn't very true. In the end, I let him win because it was about him and I needed to understand his feelings. After that was out of the way the rest of the day was so much fun! He wanted burgers for lunch at one of our favorite places and then for dinner we eat bratwursts at the holiday market after we skated for a couple of hours.

Stephanie | I completed one entire quilt!! Yeah! I was determined to get it done this week. I have my Gramma coming to visit and I don't want to spend my time tied to my sewing machine. I even got all the topstitching done on my broken walking foot. I made 2 straight-line borders around the center square and then went over the edge seams of each block with a wavy stitch along with 3 others inside each block. The back fabric is white with a large pink floral print, the 2nd quilt has the same fabric except in teal. Both quilts have the same binding fabric. Since I am running out of time, I decided to machine bind this quilt, usually, I hand stitch. I was nervous to machine bind because I haven't mastered it yet and it doesn't look the best. I took my time on this part. I attached the binding to the backside. Then I ironed the seam to give a nice crisp edge. I also ironed in the fold to the binding for the front. Doing the extra ironing really helped keep my fabric nice. I also used my 1/4" foot rather than the walking foot I've used in the past. This made sure I had a night straight line without my fabric shifting on me. I will be doing these steps in the future and get my quilts done faster.

Favorite moment of the week: Getting this done is for sure a highlight! I'm so happy to have come to the end of this and even though it's full of mistakes and unmatched seams, I'm really happy with how it turned out. I love the colors all put together and the back is so super soft, It was a great feeling pulling it out of the dryer and crinkled up and snuggling under it. Another favorite was watching my girls and their Girl Scout troop in the light parade and doing some Christmas carolling at some local nursing facilities.

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  1. Hello from Australia!!

    Thankyou so much for sharing your weekly creativity in 2019!!

    I must have stumbled upon you both when I was still an avid blog reader and I must have signed up for something, so it was a surprise to get your very first emails earlier this year! However, its been so lovely to get a dose of colour, craft and beautiful photography once a week, in my rather less colourful inbox!

    Well done to both of you for having retained the momentum and to have finished your projects.

    Your quilt is truly beautiful, colourful and it will be such a treasure for your family, I’m sure.

    Looking forward to seeing Annetta’s finished project(s) sometime too!

    I’m hoping for more inspirational and creative photos next year ;)

    All the best for Christmas to you both,



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