Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Week 46 | Farmhouse Granny Square #2 + Yankee Puzzle

Week 46 | Farmhouse Granny Square #2 + Yankee Puzzle

Annetta | I just love this square. I've said it a couple of times that some squares I would make a whole granny square blanket out of them and this square I did just that. Of course, it's a separate project and my mom crocheted most of them, but it's still a blanket from one of my favorite patterns. The ones I made for this week are tiny compared to the blanket I just finished as the yarn are different which gives it it's size. I love this pattern because it is so simple and mindless, but the result is stunning. The beauty of it is the color variations. I have my usual colors and just a couple of squares for this week.

Favorite moment of the week: This week was so great and yet so heartbreaking. I'll spare you the heartbreaking story and share the love story. My husband and I celebrated our 11th anniversary. Every year we go somewhere. On special years it's somewhere far and on regular years it's somewhere local, but we ALWAYS have that time for just the two of us to invest into our marriage. This year it was a local trip to the Slovak Tatry mountains and some historic cities near there. The weather was perfect and so was the whole trip. There were so many favorite moments that I am listing the trip as a big favorite moment of my week.

Stephanie | So I spent time during the week prepping the remaining blocks I have for this project. My to-do list and calendar are filling up more and more each day, its overwhelming. Picking fabric, ironing the fabric and cutting it out to size is a job just in itself, even with just these little blocks. But folding and re-ironing the same fabrics week after weeks is a bit redundant. So I just decided to select the fabric for the rest of my blocks, spend one time ironing and cutting the fabric. Each block is cut and prepped in a ziplock bag waiting. I wish I had done this earlier in the year, now all I have to do is grab a bag and assemble the block. I feel like the universe knows when you have no time, no patience and you just need to hurry and get something done. Because this block was such a pain, that I ended up throwing it across the room and walking away. My HST keep getting jammed up in the machine since the top point has diagonal seems on it, usually on both the top and bottom fabric. Every single one was being a pain. Last week I had the same issue and ended up breaking my needle in frustration. In the middle of my jam session, I noticed I had sewn a piece together in the wrong direction, which really sucks as half the block was already together. I have yet to fix or finish this block.

Favorite moment of the week: I did get a boarder sewn onto my completed quilt, I put a 4 inch white boarder around the whole thing and finished embroidering my Autograph block from week 25. Now its all ready for the batting and backing fabric. I am hoping to get that done next week.

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