Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Week 48 | Mexican Square + Weather Vane

Week 48  | Mexican Square + Weather Vane

Annetta | We have a few more weeks of this year-long project. Honestly, the closer we come to the finish line the harder it is to actually find the time for it. This second blanket is nowhere close to how big the first one was and it's way less organized since I am randomly picking patterns at times. Luckily this week square is simple and straight forward. We'll see how I do with the last weeks because I have doubled my hours for work plus picked up a photography contract and can we say hello holidays?! Ahh!! So much and so little time. Wish me luck. 

Favorite moment of the week: We went on a church retreat. It was a very laid back event where we also all pitched in the make a delicious Thanksgiving meal. The days were spent socializing, discussing God's Word and eating really yummy food. I could use a retreat like this every month! 

Stephanie | I am really getting worried that I won't get all my blocks done before the end of the year. I have more blocks left than weeks in December, plus I need to quilt my completed one and attach the binding. That is a job just in itself. I was all geared up to start that about 2 weeks ago. I pulled out the backing fabric I ordered and it was so soft and thin. I found out its a different type of cotton called 'lawn cotton' Which I guess is a bit more durable and luxurious. But requires a little more care while sewing. I needed to buy special needles so I don't tear the fabric while quilting. I got the needles now, so I can begin.

Favorite moment of the week: This week was Thanksgiving for us, so that meant deep cleaning the house and decorating for Christmas, cooking, and getting sick. The kids had the whole week off, and it was a good thing, This cold managed to work its way through the whole family. We also lost our last 2 ducks and 2 chickens, likely to raccoons. I did manage to make a mini tree skirt for the new mini tree we got for the kids. They can put all their crafted ornaments on this tree.

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