Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Week 49 | Top Quilting + Freesia Square

Week 49  | Top Quilting + Freesia Square

Stephanie | Since its crunch time now, I decided not to rush my last remaining blocks, you all have already seen the patterns. Instead I am focusing on finishing my 1st quilt, so I have something complete to show at the end of all of this. If my 2nd quilt doesn't get done, I'll finish it in the new year. I just don't have the time to do it all before the end of the year, and that's just going to have to be ok. I'm struggling with getting this done easily. I already shared how I wasn't able to start top quilting a few weeks ago since I had to buy special needles. Well I finally sat down the other day to get going, I'm a few stitches in and hear this clunking sound. Turns out my walking foot keep slipping off the bar and is 1/2 way unattached to my machine. This keeps happening and I'm getting mad. After a video chat with my friend, we discover my walking foot is actually broken, one of the little hooks on it is broken, this keeps my walking foot secure on my machine. I then rubber-band it together hoping that can work until my new foot arrives....it does not! A few stitches in and it pops off. Whatever, I keep going and so far it has held together enough to quilt. I'm getting into it, but I have too much excess fabric hanging at the bottom, and I'm getting annoyed. So as its rolled up and dangling off the table, I trim it off, except I end up cutting into the quilt! Ugh, I'm just feeling so defeated over here!

Favorite moment of the week: My favorite moment is some news I heard. Its something I've been praying for and waiting for for a long time, and its finally happening. I'm so happy and thankful!

Annetta | Today I deviated from my plans. I honestly didn't want to make four more farmhouse squares because they are basic, needed, but still very basic. Plus they take so much yarn and so much work. Instead, I decided to find another pattern and give it a whirl. The new square is Freesia Square. It caught my eye because of its gorgeous four colours. I've been eyeing this pattern for some time and decided today was the day to try it out. I love how the square turned out, but I think they need to be blocked as the square is on the smaller side and wrinkles a little. I might make all eight squares today because it's a new addition and originally I had planned for every square to be eight times its pattern. Did I really crochet 8 years of each pattern? No. PS, the countdown has begun. We have three more posts to go and then that will be the end of this year-long journey. Will we start another journey?

Favorite moment of the week: This weekend was our only weekend to pick out our Christmas tree. I enjoy that time together as a family. We had a very full weekend with friends, parties and dinners so that time spent together picking out the tree and then decorating it has been a favorite of mine.

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