Sunday, November 24, 2019

Week 47 | Colorado Beauty + Homespun Mandala

Week 47 | Colorado Beauty + Homespun Mandala

Stephanie | Its a little wonky, but its complete. Its been one hectic week, so having it finished and on time is a win!! It really helped save time by prepping the fabric before hand, all I had to do was piece it together.

Favorite moment of the week: This week was full of painting the sanctuary at church, girl scout thanksgiving feast, church thanksgiving feast, Costco trip (again), losing not one but the final two of our ducks to raccoons. Luckily we had power all week! Both girls were rewarded with a movie party in school for earning the good citizenship award for the first trimester. During the party the PTA decide to gift the move (Toy Story 4) to one of the kids, and Shea won! That was exciting. 

Annetta | I am sick. I haven't been this sick for years, but here I am with body aches, fever and so on. I say all of this because I couldn't' get myself to crochet the same square I feel like I have been crocheting all year all. I feel like I need to break therefore I gave myself a break and crocheted a mandala for this weeks 'square'. This will be a gift for Stephanie once I get myself ALL the gifts I have saved up for her and get my butt into that post office to actually ship it. Because I'm sick and it's a gift for Stephanie it will count for today's square. I really enjoyed this project and break. The design is just so gorgeous and the color combinations are endless. I used yarn from other projects that I had leftover and just love the colors I chose.

Favorite moment of the week: We had Thanksgiving dinner at our place. It's our 4th year that we've celebrated with my husbands family. Usually, it's more festive, but this year was a simple get together. We enjoyed some good food and played BS which brought a lot of laughs.

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