Monday, November 11, 2019

Week 45 | Diamonds + Daisy #2

Week 45 | Diamonds + Daisy #2

Stephanie | So I thought I was making this diamond block completely different this time, but it turns out, I made almost exactly the same. I though last time I just used scraps and it was kinds thrown together, so this time I wanted to make it like the pattern says, with 1 main color and a little of a second color. I didn't look at my previous block until just now, and I used practically the same fabric. Too funny.

Favorite moment of the week: This has been an intensely busy week. I was painting the church again, making a parade banner, girl scout painting night, church groups...its been crazy. My favorite part was getting a phone call from Annetta. It was so good to talk and catch up, its been forever since we had a good chat on the phone. It was so good, that I lost all track of time and was late getting my kids from school!!

Annetta | I usually love my second squares so much more than my first ones, but not this time. I changed a stitch in the flower part to make the petals be more defined, but instead kind of ruined the whole look of the pattern. The middle looks more like a circle now versus what the first one was like. I actually also like the colors in the first one so much more than my second daisy. Guess I need to re-do this one at some point or just keep it as a reminder not to fix what isn't broken. Which one do you like best?

Favorite moment of the week: Aside from the wonderful 2 hours I spent on the phone with Stephanie and making her be late for her school run I really enjoyed game night after church. If anyone knows me they know I love to play games. There are a few things more entertaining then games with a big group of people who don't like to lose. We had our church family come over for waffles and after we ate all the waffles we could eat we played BS. Nothing like watching church people lie to win at a game, lol.

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