Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Week 44 | The Compass #2 + Tulip Ladyfingers

Week 44 | The Compass Granny Sqaure+ Tulip Ladyfingers

Annetta | When I made this square the first time I remember loving it. The second time is no different. Actually, I would love a whole granny square blanket with this pattern. I love the it starts out in a circle which is the opposite of a square, but in the end, the pattern forms a square. So it has a fun element and surprise to the pattern. This also means that color variations are limitless. I've been stitching with the same color scheme as I started out. 

Favorite moment of the week: We went somewhere! It was a holiday week for us and my husband stated he did not want an overnight trip. In the end, we went on a local hike to a place called White Stone. I'll add a video if you want to see. It was a really fun day out as a family. The town itself is also a really beautiful place where there are many fun wineries.

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Stephanie | I am done to my last tiny bit of white fabric, so out of the last few blocks I have left, I picked the one that required the smallest amount of white. I ordered more white fabric and my backing and binding fabric for both quilts. I cant believe we have less than 10 weeks to go! When I did this block last time, I stayed with a pink vibe. This time was going to be blues, but I changed it up and made it a combination. I also used the same style print in the corners as I did the first time to make them somewhat similar.

Favorite moment of the week: I was happy to have power come back on!!! It went out on Saturday and didn't come back on until Wednesday in the later afternoon. It was stressful, boring, and cold! Its been quite the week emotionally and mentally. So we had no power, so we had to buy dry ice a few times to help preserve our limited food we had in the fridge, the kids didn't have school because our small country school doesn't have a generator, I had to shower at my pastors house because our well pump runs on power, and we had a rattlesnake in our garage. We also had Halloween in there, which I made costumes for this year that I had to try to finish around the power outages, and got them done finally by noon on Halloween.


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