Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Week 25 | Autograph + Sweet & Fair #2

Week 25 | Autograph + Sweet & Fair #2

Stephanie | Traditionally this Autograph block was used by the maker to put their mark or autograph prior to gifting the quilt. I thought this would be a cool block to have in this project quilt and it allows me to write the name A Year to Inspire. I had to do some finagling with cutting it out though. The pattern had additional squares in the main center block, which gave the signature space a plus sign look. I knew this wasn't enough space to write the full name, so I make the center block one large square. But somehow in all the chaos of my week, I was unable to think properly and cut my center square too large, not taking in the seam allowance for the outside ring. So I had sewn my outside columns together before seeing my mistake, so I had to try and measure the seam and cut the center according to my measurements, but then I ended up cutting too small and my outside seams done line up. Ugh! Then I tried to make a cross stitch pattern for my wording, but that didn't work. So I ended up tracing the letters from the book pictured and am trying my hand at embroidery. I didn't get it finished, I am leaving for vacation and just wasn't able to get it done, but hopefully on our long car ride Ill finish it.

Favorite moment of the week: My girls went to Vacation Bible School on base all well. So that added to the craziness of this week, but it was so good for them! I had to pick an easy square this week because I am running out of colors with only one more square to go before I put the whole crochet blanket together. Who wants to buy more yarn just for a few rows of crochet? I made do with what I had on hand already. The square most definitely didn't turn out ugly, but better than the first version. It also turned out a bit wonkier than the first version, but hopefully, that will straighten out once the whole blanket it assembled. I also used the charcoal I said I wouldn't use anymore, but in this square it just made sense. I could see this pattern as a gorgeous pillow.

Annetta | I am beyond late posting this... Forgive me, it's been crazy! 

Favorite moment of the week: We went camping for the first time! Like in an actual tent! My son's school had an end of the year event where we boat down the river as a school and camp on the other side. It was perfect. I loved the campsite, the experience, but saddened that it was just for one night. It was so much fun that I would have stayed for a coupled of nights for sure. I think we are hoping to stay for a weekend sometime this summer, but we will see because our summer is overwhelmingly full and I like it.

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