Sunday, October 27, 2019

Week 43 | Fourth of July + Sunshine Square

Week 43 | Fourth of July + Sunshine Square

Stephanie | So  I am here frantically trying to get something posted before our power is shut off, AGAIN, due to high winds and fire threats. I want to have something posted, as I may not have power again until Monday or even Wednesday. It all depends on the weather. I am doing the Fourth of July print again and kept with the Red, White, Blue color scheme.**woohoo, I got it done in time!**

Favorite moment of the week: Being able to get paint done and decor up at our Church lobby. It looks so good!

Annetta | My squares are growing, but not fast enough. I haven't gotten enough square for an actual blanket and at this rate, I am going way too slow. This weeks square was simple as it didn't require any color changes and I like that. The first blanket that I did for the first half of this project few home to America with my mom. I was making it for her as a gift because she has made so many for me and it was time to bless her in return. 

Favorite moment of the week: The weekend was pretty awesome. We got to visit a town called Trnava. It's one of my favorite places to visit that close by and pretty. Also, my son got a haircut after refusing one for a whole year! Did I ever mention how much I LOVE living in Europe? It's just so so gorgeous and there is always something to explore. Soon the Christmas markets will start and those are fun.

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