Thursday, June 13, 2019

Week 23 | Colorado Beauty + Fantastic #2

Week 23 | Colorado Beauty + Fantastic #2

Stephanie | This Colorado Beauty block came out slightly wonky and off center, but its done! Our power was shut off over the weekend due to high fire risk and high winds in our area. So I was without my sewing machine for a while. This pattern is made of 4 flying geese and 4 left diamond rectangles. These ended up being very similar to the flying geese when making them. With the flying geese, the sew lines are diagonal going down from the top center. The left diamond rectangle has one side sewn like the flying geese, and the other sews in the opposite direction making the diamond shape rather than the V shape.

Favorite moment of the week: One of my favorite moments this week was finishing up this baby quilt and gifting it. I've been secretly sewing this blanket this last month. I was happy to finish it in time. This was the one where the fabric was delivered to the wrong mailbox. 

Annetta | After finishing this square I realized that my crochet blanket was getting way too big. I will be finishing up three more squares before I start another blanket but with time a winter one with wool. Honestly, this is the second time I am writing up this post. For some reason, the first one got deleted and I couldn't get myself to write up another post for the longest time hence why this post is just so late! Lately, I've been working on personal projects and gifts which makes me forget that I have a square to do for this project. When Thursday rolled around I was left a bit surprised that I had forgotten all about my square. Somehow I pulled myself together and whipped up a square only to find I didn't have enough yarn of a particular color. Later I just used another color because who wants to buy more yarn when the whole project is coming to an end. I loved working up the square, but I didn't love it when I changed the background color to blue. I think the squares, in general, have too much color going on and would be better with just three colors. 

Favorite moment of the week: The past weekend we had the church retreat. During the retreat, we all did our own thing. It made me feel a little sidtant from my family so when we went out for ice cream on Monday it definatly was my favorite moment. That time together connceted me again and we had so much fun just taking that simple walk to enjoy the ice cream together. I hope we do more of that this summer!

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