Sunday, April 21, 2019

Week 16 | Tropical Delight Part 1 + Squared Up

Week 16 | Tropical Delight Part 1 + Squared Up

Annetta | I am finally getting around to doing the hardest square of the whole blanket. Luckily I only need to make one, but I just might make two if it turns out looking good in the end. Also, because it's the most complicating square of the whole project I need to split this one in two. There are a lot of details that go into this square that have taken me a week to crochet. I've also gotten pretty comfortable with my color palette and decided to wing the colors without following the color chart. I realized that the beautiful charcoal color was throwing off the whole blanket and am now making sure I leave it out of my squares. With the charcoal color gone I am really starting to like the squares. I think that this pattern would make a really beautiful round pillow cover or a gorgeous pot holder. I'll have to play around with this pattern after the blanket is finished. To finish the round part of the square I took it to our pastor's house for the Easter bbq that we did and managed to get that last row finished. I will be finishing the rest of the square for week 17, so more to come!

Favorite moment of the week: This week has been a good one also because we had 4 days off of school/work plus the weekend. We never had that in America so it's a treat for sure. I did still end up working all the days, but it was nice to have my husband and son home with me. There were many perfect and favorite moments with week from hanging out in Piestany (where we lived for two years), celebrating Passover, nieces birthday parties to today's cookout after church which was super relaxing. The weather was also in the 70's and the sun felt amazing.

Stephanie | My goal this week ended up being, get it done and get it done fast. I wanted to work on this many times throughout the week, but just couldn't get to it, so here it is Sunday -Easter Sunday, and I hurried to get a block done. This one looked simple enough and without the Flying Geese so I went for it. Trying to figure out the corners was a little tricky as its 2 squares and a rectangle. In my mind it was easy to assemble, but the instruction in the book wasn't lining up with the ones in my head and I stalled for a moment. I was quickly able to see it through and got it done. I still cant seem to get my blocked perfectly lined up. I switched to a 1/4" foot on my machine, but I still was having issues. When I sew, some blocks end up not coming out to size when pressed open. I am not sure where my hang up is.

Favorite moment of the week: This was an amazing week. My oldest had Spring Break from school and we were ready for it. My Gramma also drove down from WA and stayed most of the week with us. We really have missed her. We stuffed Easter eggs for the church one night, went to the zoo, did our first Build-A-Bear experience, harvested our first bunch of radishes, and my hubby and I celebrated our 12th anniversary. We went on a 5 mile hike at the Table Mountain Reserve that is just littered in wildflowers right now from all the rain this winter/spring. It was beyond beautiful. It was a good and full week. I also got a picture of my completed quilt I talked about last week.



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