Sunday, April 7, 2019

Week 14 | Esme’s Winter Cottage Part 2 + Sawtooth Star

Week 14 | Esme’s Winter Cottage Part 2 + Sawtooth Star

Annetta | This week was a rough week for me healthwise. I had seemed to have strained a muscle in my wrist which made my hand go numb at night and sharp pain during the day. I had decided to not do a square this week and for sure not do the hardest pattern that I was scheduled to do. Mid-week I changed my mind and decided to do the second round of my week 1 square because when I did that square in week one I had started the pattern, but scrapped it and started another. I actually kept the square as I had already completed 6 rows and that's where I decided to finish it off for this week. Also, because I had done this square already I could look at the old square and change the things I did not like about the first one. I modified the pattern a bit and made sure the colors were better coordinated. I am so loving the slight changes I did and the whole square looks so much better without the charcoal color with the addition of more white. I think I will like all of my round 2 squares so much more because of the color changes I plan to do.

Favorite moment of the week: This weekend church hosted a women's retreat. It was a short one from Friday to Saturday, but it was wonderful and just what my heart needed. I walked away with so much. I also walked away with knowing it was time to take a really long break from knitting and crochet (that's outside of A Year To Inspire). That part is sad, but it's been on my heart for months and now is that time to finally do it. Wish me luck!

Stephanie | This block was supposed to be easy! I was cruising right along here and there throughout the week, when things fell apart. I found that I had cut one of my squares for the flying geese too short somehow. So I had to re-cut this. Then I made my flying geese and found one to be too short (see pic below) it didn't measure up to my center block. *insert sad face* I cut and remade this flying geese with the SAME results! I checked all my cuts prior to stitching again, so I don't know what I did. But I was able to tighten up my seam allowance and slightly trim down my center square to make my points match. I had thought this was going to be my best block yet. I went back and forth on my color choice and thought I picked the perfect combo to make the 'star' pop. Now all I am going to see is the mistakes and frustration. Oh well, better luck next week!

Favorite moment of the week: I have 2 favorite moments this week. 1 was the other day my and two of my girls did some serious gardening out in the yard. We pulled weeds, hauled  and put down compost soil, dug up and transplanted some bulbs and plants, fenced off this section to keep the dog out and planted a few packets of seeds. Its starting to look like a real flower garden in places, yay! My other favorite part was today after church, I had promised my girls that if they cleaned their rooms and did their laundry, I would take them to a park. So today we got to explore a new park near us and enjoyed the sun. We came home to enjoy popsicles and they hooked up the sprinkler as I sat and enjoyed from a rocking chair.


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