Sunday, March 24, 2019

Week 12 | Lisa + Flying Cross

Week 12 | Lisa + Flying Cross

Annetta | This weeks square is a very gorgeous one. I was not so excited to work on it because I ran out of yarn. I've have come across a pattern that is emerging. I have high hopes of starting the project early and finishing it early on in the week, come Sunday and I've just started! I tell myself this new week will be different. With all of that said, I've made very little progress on this weeks square and will be playing catchup on Monday. I've now crocheted all the squares after this week and am on my second round of the same squares, but a different color combo. When I look at my started square I already know I will love it when it is finished. So far the colors have looked so well on this square. I'll also post the finished piece once I've done.

Favorite moment of the week: This week we decided to do a spontaneous trip somewhere, anywhere really. We need a break from the routine and to explore a little. The city we decided to visit was Salzburg, Austria (cue the Sound of Music). I would say that the whole trip was my favorite moment of the week. Who doesn't love a weekend road trip on a whim and to Salzburg of all places? We had lots of fun. We explored the castle up top, walked the whole old town and even visited a kids toy museum. I personally would have loved to stay another night longer, but weekends are just so short.

Stephanie | I kept intending to get to this block earlier in the week, but it just didn't happen. We got home from our surprise birthday trip for 2 of my girls on Sunday night, and Monday found us right in the garden getting seeds planted and work done. Its been a non-stop few weeks. I finally got to making this on Saturday - as a thunderstorm came rolling in, forcing us to stop working outside and seek shelter. It got very loud and very dark, so I did not have good lighting for my assembling part. This block is called Flying Cross, it looks as though it is spinning, which I think is pretty neat. I ended up using a very Spring-y pallet this week, which I also really like. It looks a little more complicated that it really is, just plain squares and a few half square triangles, it worked up quickly.

Favorite moment of the week: My favorite moment was our trip to Ft. Bragg CA to celebrate our 2 kids birthdays.. We haven't been on a trip/get-a-way in a year, so it was much needed. We got to drive about 4 hrs west and we found the ocean (yay). We visited Glass Beach, Point Cabrillo light house - and saw whales, MacKerricher Beach as well as Pudding Creek Trestle. The weather was perfect, the beaches were perfect, it was wonderful! None of us wanted to head home it wasn't enough time, but that means we can plan another trip soon.

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