Sunday, March 17, 2019

Week 11 | Corner Star + Fall Blossom

Week 11 | Corner Star + Fall Blossom

Stephanie: I like the look of this 2 color corner star. Somehow my one blocks was off in size, so my lines are a little wonky, but overall I am happy with this block. I kinda rushed this week and we are leaving for the weekend. My two older girls have birthdays this month, one this week and one next week. In place of a birthday party, we usually do a weekend trip away to celebrate as a family. So, I wanted to get my block done before we leave on Friday. I really love this teal floral fabric, I don't know how I haven't pulled this from the stash yet. The pattern used an orange fabric and gives it a sun flare look. I didn't have any in the orange/yellow tones, so the birthday girl this week helped with color choice.

Favorite moment of the week: Celebrating my daughters 7th birthday and looking forward to a weekend at the beach.

Annetta: It's not fall that's here, but spring. I guess the pattern should be called 'Spring Blossom' instead. Spring actually start in like 3 days and its also starting to look like spring outside. This weeks square didn't look like a pretty fall leaf or a spring one. It actually looks like a hot mess, but I'm sure I'm the only one that really notices that one extra petal in the middle of the square. When I was crocheting the square something wasn't adding up which made me put things on hold until I had the courage to try again. Well... I never restarted the square and made that extra petal work. Can you see if you can spot it? The square this week isn't my favorite. It was designed by three different ladies which made the square itself not really well designed in my opinion. 

Favorite moment of the week: My favorite moment of the week was when my husband came home early after he gave his presentation on Friday. It gave us a chance to walk to Tin's practice together. Tin was way ahead of us on his scooter while we slowly followed behind with the dog and talked. On the way back from dropping him off I got to take some pictures of all the spring flowers that have come out the past couple of weeks. It's also our first spring in our new place so there is much to discover when it comes to flowers that bloom near us. I also haven't had much time to enjoy my other job, photography and capturing the everyday beauty.

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