Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 14 | Pattern

Prompt: Sketch a pattern.

Annetta | I have decided that patterns are not my thing. I dread drawing them and do not enjoy what I have drawn afterwards. This time was no exception. I guess in the end, it is my fault. I did not give myself any practice this week or give myself time to actually of the prompt this week. I used a little fabric pattern that I had admired. It looked a lot easier then it actually was to doodle! For my other creative my son and I ventured into my favorite neighborhood, Snohomish and spent some time exploring and photographing the houses and flowers. I found some lilacs to forage and photograph at home. I've been reading novels lately so all else has fallen to the wayside as I dig deep into rest and all my thoughts are tied to the story I am reading.

Stephanie | I thought this was going to be an easy prompt. But it took me a lot of time to come up with an idea, and even then I was not interested in the idea I had. I was feeling very uncreative and unmotivated, plus being out of town for the Easter weekend really took my sketching/create desire. I ended up sketching in the car on my way home over the mountain pass. I finally just came up with the idea to make some cute whimsical doodles of trees, but with all the bumps along the trip they just didn't come out like I had envisioned. In the end I kinda just gave up on this sketch, nothing turned out like I had wanted, but at least I completed a sketch. I had come prepared on my trip to also read or do some cross-stitching, but I did not complete another creative this week.

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