Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Week 17 | Your Bag

Prompt : Sketch your bag or what's inside your bag.


Stephanie | My bag and whats inside my bag is rather boring. I picked out a few of the items I thought were cutest and/or had some color to it. Everything I have is black, white, or brown, boring! Perhaps this prompt will be inspiring to others, but I found it dull, mostly because my bag and items are so dull and uninspiring, I suppose I should shop for more colorful purse items in the future :) I did like that it made me focus on details and shading, which I need practice on, I actually like how each item turned out, but think I ruined it with the color border, it just looked so empty to me. I was trying to do something different, hopefully in the future it will look better to me. My other creative this week was photography. My hubby surprised me for a night away at a Bed and Breakfast in Port Townsend WA for our anniversary. The B&B was located on a working farm, complete with chicken and sheep. It was a super cute, one of a kind farms that the owners built up themselves. We enjoyed a delicious crepe breakfast, a recipe they learned from their travels in Paris. We spent the day exploring the town, eating amazing food, and enjoying the warm sunshine. One stop was at Fort Warden State Park with perfect sandy beaches and a lighthouse.

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  1. My new bag holds everything that I need to carry without looking bulky. I love it and I've received so many compliments for it. My boss, who only wears designer items from best handbag brands, asked about it and she thought it was some other designer.


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