Sunday, April 12, 2015

Week 15 | Fill The Page

Prompt: Fill the entire page, leaving no white space.

Stephanie | This past week Annetta come over for a quick hang out and sketching session. It was very much needed, and she brought me some amazing tulips and checkered lilies. I had never seen these lilies before but they are so cute and charming with gorgeous coloring. My other creative this week was to do some reading. I have been feeling so out of balance and unhappy lately so I though cleaning my mind with a good book would be beneficial for me. I also had a quick photo session with these tulips, they are just so pretty. I NEED to get some bulbs for my garden. I've nicknamed the color star-burst. They are just so unique and inspiring.

Annetta | This week I've been sketching almost everyday. I want to get into the habit of sketching quickly, freely and without much expectations on myself. It's hard sometimes to just sketch so freely, but when I get past those thoughts I really like the results. I've also learned that I'm a little afraid to layer my watercolors or just don't have the patience for it, something I want to get comfortable with by the end of this year. I worked on a few sketched that filled the pages and find that it's easy to fill a page as long as I don't have to make up what I'm sketching. Like I mentioned for my other creative I did many sketches and would like to continue doing more practice sketched and doodles this coming week.

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