Sunday, March 29, 2015

Week 13 | Monochrome

Prompt: Sketch a scene using only 1 color.

Stephanie | My monochrome idea was to do an elephant for my sister, she is obsessed with them. Its funny to me that the sketch looks better in person. My other creative was to sketch some tulip bulbs I recently bought and placed in a cute watering can planter that Ive had for a while. I posted a picture of it on Instagram a few days earlier, and Annetta said it must be sketched, so I did. 

Annetta | I wasn't too sure about this whole monochrome sketch idea, but it turned out to be a great practice for layers and shadows. I sketched some books that I had for our estate sale, they needed to be sketched before I said goodbye to them forever. I creative the vignette for the sketch, but in my sketch the vase and tulip are beautifully misaligned. I do love the sketch and the practice is gave me. The more I don't care about how I sketch or how it turns out the better things go. I also took my own advise I gave Stephanie and sketched her watering can planter. She had a gorgeous image of it on her Instagram account and I too just had to sketch the beauty she created. For my other creative this week I did a few different things this week. First off, I finished Stephanie's gift for her baby. I made a fort outside and while my son colored I finished the embroidery. I also did a shoot for a magazine's blog and a fashion shoot for my friends clothing line. My creativity was rocking it this week!

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