Monday, October 14, 2019

Week 41 | Posy Basket + Heart Square #2

Week 41  | Posy Basket + Heart Square #2


Stephanie | I remember the first time I made this block, I used a variety of colors and it didn't make the basket stand out. This time I tried to keep with the same color tones (except the one random blue block) and make sure there was enough contrast to make the basket pop. I used only scrap pieces again for this block. I was going to make a 2nd block this week to catch up from a few weeks ago, but I was unable to get it done. We lost power for 3 days this week due to the high winds and fire danger.

Favorite moment of the week: We are still dealing with sickness in the house, plus loosing power for 3 days which resulted in no school for the kids. I was a strange week here. I loved getting some happy mail from my friend for my birthday. She sent me several plant babies and some quilting magazines and fabric.

Annetta | We are back to making duplicates of all the squares. I had four contrasting colors and one main one. I am thinking about changing that up in the next following weeks to give the blanket some variety. I have two colors to choose from. For this week I stayed with white, but need to change the main color by next week.

Favorite moment of the week: We are still dealign with sickness here. Now my mom is sick and she flies out on Sunday. This is our last week together. Our past week was spent at home recovering. I guess my favorite moment was watching my son and dog cuddle on the couch together. Tucker doesn't usually let my son cuddle with him as he prefers my husband or me over him. It was a welcome change because my son had dreams of this day for so long.

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