Monday, September 30, 2019

Week 39 | Corner Star + Nuts About Squares Blanket

Week 39  |  Corner Star + Nuts About Squares Blanket


Stephanie | I like the color on this Corner Star block. I think the last time around I made it in a lighter color, but this navy looks really good. My flying geese were a bit better in this block, maybe becasue I pinned them more before sewing.

Favorite moment of the week: This has been an interesting week. We started off with 100 degree weather, which gave us an extreme fire danger threat, so our power was turned off 2 different times, 1 time resulting in no school. The temperature then plummeted about 40 degrees and brought in 2 thunderstorms. We also received some goats from our cousins. They needed to off load their goats, and we have been talking about getting some, so it just fit for us to take them. Except we didn't have proper housing set up for them. Its fun trying to set up a pen AFTER they are already on the property. But I did get to plant some flowers and bulbs in the cooler weather and snipped some rose blooms before the thunderstorm had a chance to destroy them.

Annetta | This week I finished the first crochet blanket that I crocheted the first half of this project! It took forever to sew all the blocks together and add the border. That was the only thing I focused on this week and couldn't manage to make squares on top of finishing the blanket. While I was working through the blocks I wasn't very thrilled with the design I had chosen for the blanket, but now that its all said and done I am very happy with it.

Favorite moment of the week: This week my mom and I had a moment to visit the Medical Garden where there is a cute cafe tucked away in the park. It was cold that day but had all the fall vibes. It was such a wonderful moment to be there with her and chatting away.

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