Monday, September 16, 2019

Week 37 | Hidden Star + Farmhouse Granny Square

Week 37 | Hidden Star + Farmhouse Granny Square

Stephanie | This Hidden Star block turned out pretty good. I must love these two fabrics because I used up pretty much the last of them both with this block. I made sure to use contrasting colors to really make the center star pop out which I don't think I did as well in the last one.

Favorite moment of the week: This has been a CRAZY week or so for me. I didn't post last week due to not having internet due to a fire near by that messed up the signal in the area. It was close enough that we stopped everything and packed up in case of an evacuation, that took priority over sewing a block. We were already working on packing for a trip up to Oregon to see my ill Papa. I was working like a mad woman to get my to-do list done, which included planting some trees/plants and running irrigation line around the front flower garden. With everything I had to get done, plus the fire and lack of internet before we left, it just didn't get done. I will have to make it up sometime before the end of the year. Luckily when I got home from our quick trip, we've already notices new growth on the things we planted and this beautiful rose opened up just for me this morning! I enjoyed out trip to see my Papa, probably for the last time, and I was able to gift the newest quilt I had made for him.

Annetta | This week I had to make my squares early on in the week as on Sunday I won't be around to work on a post. It was good to be ahead and not behind like we tend to be sometimes. I spent some time on Pinterest trying to find a good pattern for this week. I've strayed from the pattern I was following and have decided to find my own. I've been eyeing the Farmhouse square for some time now. It's just s cute square, but I wish I added more stitches to the edge puff squares as they look a little flat to me.

Favorite moment of the week: This week was nothing special, but a whole lot of work. There was one special moment that I can think of. At one point in my day this week I stopped cleaning. I needed a break because a week of deep cleaning can be overwhelming. So I decided to stop for a moment and sit in quiet prayer as piano worship played in the backdrop. I meditated on a bible verse and prayed while taking deep breaths. It was a beautiful 30 minutes and a favorite moment of mine this week.

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