Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Week 36 | Hello Daisy Granny Square

Week 36 | Hello Daisy Granny Square

Annetta | To tell you the truth I am not sure what my granny square this week is called. I usually follow a blanket pattern, but today I decided to do my own thing. After hopping onto Pinterest I saw the square I was going to crochet. It had no name and no patters, just a picture of a finished square. Well, I did it and I am calling it Hello Daisy. I will say that is pattern is way cuter than the one I was supposed to do. I can see a whole blanket just out of this pattern with different colors for the flower part.

Favorite moment of the week: It's been a workweek for me. After my son and husband go to work and school I work my part-time job and then on my business until 8pm. It's sweater weather coming if it's not already here, and that means that I have to get my business running again. I made a sweater this week, like a whole sweater from start to finish. I started the sweater on Tuesday, I think and had it all seamed up by Friday. It's beautiful and wears like a really warm and thick shirt because I made mistakes on mine and knit it too tight. Finishing that was a highlight for sure!

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