Sunday, July 28, 2019

Week 30 | Cluster Flower + 9 Patch

Week 30 | Cluster Flower + 9 Patch

Annetta | My personal opinion about this weeks square is that it is ugly. I first tried it in a solid color like my other squares, but then the pattern really gets lost and you just don't know what's happening there. My last option was to make it with all my colors and again, not thrilled. I was thinking of making a new replacement pattern but changed my mind in hopes that when the blanket is all done it this ugly square will blend in nicely. I think making this square have all the colors loses the charm the rest of the squares have. Oh well...

Favorite moment of the week: This was a tough week. First, my husband was sick and then I got it. It's just a cold, but my how miserable it can make you feel. I had to steal my favorite moment as it involved me forcing myself outdoors and taking some pictures of the beauty around me when all I wanted to do was stay at home, watch Netflix and knit. The outdoor time was good for my soul though.

Stephanie | I really prefer the color choice on this round of the 9 patch. It's much softer and flows better together, my 1st attempt was too dark. I needed to make a block quick this week as I knew my weekend was going to be filled with some large garden projects and housework.

Favorite moment of the week: One of our summer bucket list items was to have an all day game day. We don't normally play a lot of games as a family, but this was one of the activities on our list that i was excited for. We played Payday, Zeus on the Loose, and Yahtzee together. It didn't end up being an all day event but we were lucky to squeeze it in today after church and chores. It ended up being tons of fun. I love seeing how creative the girls are getting at playing games. 

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