Sunday, July 7, 2019

Week 27 | Robbing Peter to Pay Paul + Joining Blanket

Week 27 | Robbing Peter to Pay Paul + Joining Blanket

Stephanie | Here's my 2nd attempt at this block. I went with just navy and white on this one. I found I had not yet used this floral print and I thought this would be a good one to use it with. I think it has great contrast and this color combo would look great on a large scale quilt.

Favorite moment of the week:This has been a rough week after vacation. Its always hard to get back into the swing of things. Theres a lot of garden clean up to be done after being away along with other chores. I really enjoyed the 4th of July. Since we cant let off fireworks here, the town of Biggs does a show at the park. We met up with some friends from church, set up a canopy and chairs and waited for the show to begin. All the kids played together and they were playing tag, catch, and football. The weather was warm but not too hot and the fireworks were so pretty.

Annetta | This week I was on vacation. I wasn't going to take my project with me because you know... Now that I am back I only managed to join four squares vertically before I ran into a problem. A couple of my previous square don't have their final borders and a stitch count of 44. I also don't have enough yarn to finish those borders on the squares before joining them. I ended up ordering more yarn which I wanted to avoid because I'm in the last stages of this particular project. The plan this coming week is to receive the yarn and maybe do all the joining so that I can crochet the border around the whole blanket, but we will see. I've never joined a crochet blanket before, but luckily it's easy just time-consuming. I've also already ordered the yarn for my next project which I am excited about. You can ever have too many blankets in the fall and winter.

Favorite moment of the week: Vacation was the best part of this week so pretty much all of it. We went to Croatia with my sister-in-law's family and spent lots of time in the water. I didn't do much of the water stuff, but knitted, soaked up the sunshine and read 'Gone With the Wind'.

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