Sunday, March 8, 2015

Week 10 | Dwelling

Prompt: Sketch a house or building.

Annetta | This week has been full!! We started homeschooling this week and even had a trip to the hospital on top of starting the process of selling our house and renovating our new home, the airstream. With all that said, I've done little creating last week. Since this week most of my outdoor venturing was to the airstream I decided to sketch the house that sits on the property where Gracestream is parked. The house is quit ugly in my opinion because it's a simple box. I'm sure the inside is beautiful and full of character. The barn and property itself are beautiful to look at. My other creative this week was designing the interior of Grace. We've finally settled on plan and are in the process of designing everything in the program called SketchUp. It's a lot of work, but the people who will be actually putting the carpentry together will be ever so grateful!

Stephanie |  I looked online to find some inspiration for this prompt. I found this adorable brick house in Tacoma on Zillow to use. I didn't do any other creatives this week, this week was dedicated to family. Both of my girls have a birthday this month and to celebrate we took a family trip to Great Wolf Lodge for 2 nights of waterpark fun. It was a great, but exhausting trip. Once coming home we spent our time catching up on school work we missed during the week.

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  1. Everything looks so lovely! Thanks for the inspiration :)


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