Monday, May 20, 2019

Week 20 | Lisa + Open Star

Week 20 | Lisa + Open Star

Annetta | We are almost to our halfway point and I am starting to feel a bit burnt out on this project. I feel like I have been making the same complex squares for months when all I want is a quick and simple pattern. Each square takes about a week to make as I have a part-time job, a kid to pick-up from school (a tram + bus ride) and I'm also a soccer mom plus the wife and house stuff. I will see this project through, but it's getting tough. It's also nearing towards summer and I would like to spend my time working on other projects other than my squares. With all that said this week was tough to focus. I have summer ideas in my head and lots of hours at work lately. I didn't finish my square... I will need to at some point. When I was picking this project I had never crocheted and didn't know what I was signing up for. Now I know! I think I would have picked a much simpler project. Okay, rant over and hopefully next week I'll knock out a gorgeous square for you.

Favorite moment of the week: I can't even remember what happened this week other then I was on week two of a stomach virus. I also love our weekends, they are so fun and great. Honestly, my favorite moment this week was all the times I cheated on my project here and worked on a summer tank top instead. It's not my proudest moment, but it felt so darn good! I also enjoyed crocheting with a tiny hook versus the big one I use for the squares. It was a rainy and windy plus cold week so crocheting something for summer helped me to cope with that nasty weather.

Stephanie | This Open Star worked up rather quick, which is good because I'm doing it a day late. I spent my week working on a different quilting project. This is on a deadline, so it consumed me all week. This block has an 'hourglass' block in it. This is basically 2 half square triangles in 1 block. The only hang up I had was trimming them down to size at 4.5". Typically you square them up by going off the diagonal line in the center, however, the hourglass has 2 diagonals and both points need to be in the center of the final block. After a quick google search I confirmed my hunch on how to trim them to size. What I loved most about this block, is that it made an extra 4 hourglass halves, so I am ready to make a 2nd pattern block already. This will come in handy when I need to pre-sew a block before vacation.

Favorite moment of the week:  We had a Taco-Tuesday event at church this week. They are doing an extra series in the evening each Tuesday night in May. Shea and I can't make it to 2 of the 4 nights due to Girl Scouts, but this week we were able to go as a family. My girls were so excited because they have become fast friends with the other kids in church. So naturally they were all excited to be there for this event. But excited kids, are not sit in your seat and be quite kids. So after many attempts to keep the kids quiet and not to disturb the adults, I gave it and took them outside. We ended up finding a basketball and had a fun game going on. I was impressed at how good my girls did since they have never played before. 

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