Sunday, May 12, 2019

Week 19 | Friendship Star + Le Vesinet

Week 19 | Friendship Star + Le Vesinet

Stephanie | This week made me want to give up! I originally set out to make the block Open Star. I cut all my fabric and got to work. This pattern called for 3-quarter half square triangles. This is 3 triangles in 1 square. It took a minute to understand the construction behind it, but I got it and made them. The problem is that they ended up measuring a 1/2 inch smaller than they needed to be. So frustrating. In order to remake them all, I was going to need to cut a lot more fabric. I didn't want to do this, so instead I repurposed my already cut and pieced fabric into a different block - the Friendship Star. Its very lackluster, but I didn't have to cut too much more fabric.

Favorite moment of the week: There were two things I enjoyed this week. The first one was that we had been invited to dinner at our new pastors house. We enjoyed good food, conversation and all the kids got to play together. We had a great time together. I am looking forward to seeing where this new friendship goes for both our families. The other was a paint along class. All the materials were provided and you just paint along with the instructor and get to take home the painting. We did a scene called 'Sutter Buttes in Bloom'. The Sutter Buttes are the worlds smallest complete mountain range that is here in town. I really loved being able to paint and be creative. I hope to do more.

Annetta | The goal this week was to finish the square way before my trip to Prague for the weekend. I think I accomplished that and all within one day! It also helps that this week there were only 10 rows after the crocheted the little circles that went into the center of the pattern. When I worked up this pattern last time I did not like it. It looked so different from the rest of the patterns and didn't fit in too well. Now that I'm on the second square, I have changed my mind. This one is actually really cute! I kept most of the white color just how it was on the other square, but swapped out the other colors. I also remembered to make the inner circles bigger which helps the size of the whole square itself. Yup, much happier with this one.

Favorite moment of the week: It has to be Wednesday with my family exploring our side of Austria. You see, in May we have two holidays and they are both on Wednesday. It provides a nice break in the middle of the week. Last week we didn't do much, but this week we really got to enjoy the day off. We went to a park, the lake, explored a new-to-us town. We also had fresh squeezed orange juice, strawberries, ate pizza and ice cream. We really need this time together as a family, going wherever the wind took us because my was it a windy day! We also decided to go to Austria because during holiday's everything closes in Slovakia, but Austria didn't have this holiday so everything was open. Other then the wind it was a nice and sunny day, which we haven't had in a while. I hope we do this again soon!

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