Sunday, February 8, 2015

Week 6 | Fruit

Prompt: Practice drawing fruit.

Stephanie | I actually like how my fruit turned out, I especially love the color streaks on the apple. Trying to sketch a rounded object was not easy, and it doesn't closely resemble the right shape of an apple, but overall I am pleased with it. Annetta came over again this week and we had a great time working side by sit trying to recreate this image from a magazine. It was fun to see each of our interpretations of the same image. My other creative this week was starting a new cross stitch project. I only got to spend about 20mins working on it, but it's officially started. It should be rather easy to complete too.

Annetta | I did my fruit at Stephanie's and honestly, I did not like my fruit. I messed up and have yet to be inspired enough to fix my mistakes to make it look more decent. I also don't enjoy the subject matter I drew, an apple and a banana. Instead I sketched my favorite fruit, pomegranates. I really like how they turned out. I also did a few other sketched in my sketchbook and really love how they turned out. Stephanie and I got to have a sketch date and we sketched the same image, but I love how different each one turned out. It really fun to see our styles and how we both have our own individually styles when it comes to sketching out something. My other creative this week was finishing up a cross stitch pattern I designed so long ago, maybe even a year now. I've taken this piece so long to do and I am finally ready to finish it this week so that I can start another bigger project. I'm thinking of putting the heart in a white frame and hanging it in my airstream as the whole piece has a beautiful meaning.

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