Saturday, August 29, 2020

Day 242 | Saturday

Annetta | Today I spent around 10 hours editing yesterday's photoshoot for work. During my breaks, I baked burger buns because today's a national holiday and the stores were closed, but the meat was already defrosted. 

Stephanie | So thankful we were able to work out a visit with my sister before she moves off to finish college at a new school. We have had a very restricted (for lack of better words) relationship. It feels so good to just be united together in our views, time, experiences, and love. This is a prayer fulfilled!!



  1. these buns look so yummy! I hope you're happy with the photoshoot results! There's nothing more fulfilling I think

    1. Thank you! The buns were totally yummy, never going back to store bought ones (plus, Slovakia doesn't sell them anyway). I was happy with the photoshoot! Doesn't usually happen, but this time it did.


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